Quality system


Our ISO 9001:2008 quality management system covers the full production process, including Research & Development.
This well‐developed quality system guarantees that our finished goods and services are
satisfying customer needs and demands such as dimensions, thickness, mechanical properties, …


On a product level, we also achieved different approvals and certifications such as KTW, W270, ACS, WRaS, WRc, NSF, … issued by independent international quality institutions.

Quality Policy


Quality is our recipe for improving our competitive advantage. Moreover, speed‐to‐market of any improvement is a key value of our focus on customer satisfaction.
Our dedicated employees are our main asset as they can “make things move”. Our team constantly aims at extending the feasibility limits by a superior control and understanding of our processes. We translate this knowledge in procedures and instructions in order to eliminate the risk of human‐ related errors. Random sampling ensures a constant level of quality on the shop floor.

We pursue long‐term partnerships with our suppliers in order to achieve ever‐improving quality, since our own quality standards are directly affected by the quality of the purchased goods.
In order to respect and guarantee our promises to customers, suppliers and others, we use scientifically proven techniques.

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